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We are an experienced strategic partner who can support your software-based start-up by validating your idea. Our goal is simple: to make your idea succeed!

Welcome start-up

Did you enjoy our very first webinar about common pitfalls for software-based start-ups? If you haven’t seen it yet, we highly recommend watching it now!

We hope you have learned a lot from the pitfalls we have discussed and are now able to recognize and tackle them!

If you have any questions about how to build or further develop your MVP, how to translate user needs into features, or how to conduct a product scope, please schedule a free consultation meeting with our start-up strategist Nick!

What will a consultation meeting look like?

During a consult, Nick will provide you with advice and feedback on your tech start-up (idea). If applicable, Nick will plan and set up a second meeting together with Chris (UX & front-end) & Jeroen (Co-founder & full-stack developer) to discuss the technical and user-centered aspects of your (potential) product. Up to this point, all feedback and advice you receive are still entirely free of charge!

How we work

How we work

There are four basic services that we offer, but we know that having a start-up isn't always as 'straightforward' as this. Even though we can offer more, we would like to tell you a bit about these basic ones. For more information about all the possibilities, please send us a message or plan a consult.

01 Strategize

We start as a team with the strategy of your product. Having an idea without a plan and knowledge about your potential user will probably not bring enough for your first minimal viable product

. Therefore we start by analyzing your current business plan, idea, or concept and what you already know about your users.

02 Define

A product that is not user-centered

has little to non-chance to succeed. Building a product that people need is different than a product that users want. Talking with your users, learning about their needs and how they are going to use your product will give you great insights and create a better problem-solution fit.

03 UX design

Building a product that looks good attracts people, but one that they understand results in them coming back. Structuring functionalities and placing them logical helps the user understand them. Testing these design's with users before perfecting the user interface will help you validate your product.

04 Development

Your roadmap is clear, the product scope is composed, and the design is ready. Now it's time for some true craftsmanship - building the actual software product. We work with two-week sprints, including a demo presentation each time. After a couple of sprints, the product will be beta and alpha tested before we release it to the 'main public'.

Wait, who are you again?

Our webinar focused mainly on helping you to get ready for the start-up journey. Did we tell you enough about ourselves? To sum it up briefly: ‘We help early-stage tech start-ups turn their ideas into successful digital products.’

Our drive is to help you overcome the common pitfalls of building a tech start-up by learning from others’ past mistakes. Therefore we want to team up, build the software product, provide insights, and collaborate on your overall strategy.

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Let's create an amazing
project together!

Are you still reading? Have you already registered for a free consult? If not, click on this link below and schedule your meeting now!

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